Reverse Osmosis Vs Water Softener: What’s the Difference?

Pure and clean water is the basic need of all of us. But the people living in hard water areas are deprived of the basic necessity of life. So, to satisfy the demand of pure water, technology has made certain advancements to purify the water. So, reverse Osmosis and water softeners are the two basic techniques of softening the water. Most of the people find themselves in the troubled water as which one is the best to use? To help you make the difference, I have decided to share the knowledge with you. I hope it will be a good addition to your valuable information.

Reverse Osmosis Vs Water Softener

Step by Step Guide to Reverse Osmosis Vs Water Softener

To understand the basic difference between reverse osmosis and water softener it is elementary to read the below details. So, let’s check what is in detail:

What is Water Softener

Water softener is the advanced technology that is used to soften the hard water. It is essential to soften the hard water because it carries a lot of impurities with it. It is having the high, level of minerals in it.

Moreover, the taste of hard water is chalk like. It leaves stains in laundry, on floor and causes clogging in pipes. Not only this, hard water also creates negative impacts on your skin and hair as well.

Moreover, water with a lot of minerals needs extra expenses in the way that you need to repair your domestic appliances and plumbing system’s components time and again. These problems created by hard water irritates you a lot. To get rid of all these problems you must install a water softener system.

Water softener system can make you free of hard water problems, replacing the hard water in soft water it fixes all your problems. Water softener, removes magnesium, calcium and all other minerals from water purging it makes best for your sensitive skin and hair.

Furthermore, water softener makes pure the water in a way that it has resin beads inside which have sodium ions. As the hard water passes through these resin beads, these beads containing sodium ions attract all the impure minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron. After the attraction these hard ions stick to the resin beads. The water gets clean and it becomes best to use for cooking, taking bath and for other domestic purposes.

To add this, the remaining that stick to the resin beads, during the regeneration process, the best water softener salt releases these hard ions and these ions get waste with chloride found in the brine solution. These sodium ions get reattached to the resin during this cleaning cycle. This exchange makes clear the water, healthy to use.

What is Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is another technique to purify the hard water to add ease in your life. It is very much like a natural process. Reverse Osmosis removes chlorine and other sediments from the hard water. It purifies water with a pre filter before forcing water through a semipermeable membrane to make it drinkable.

As soon as the water passes through the Reverse Osmosis membrane, it flows through a post filter to purge the water before using it for drinking, taking bath, cooking and other purposes.

Using Reverse Osmosis your water gets filtered three times before using it. Removing all the impurities from your hard water Reverse Osmosis makes it drinkable.

Reverse Osmosis Vs Water Softener: Which is Better?

Each of these systems have their own benefits. You need to prefer one of them on the basis of some factors. You can decide which one to select on the basis of several factors.

Water Quality

The quality of pure water is the first step that you need to compare both of these systems. Water Softener system removes only the magnesium and calcium from the water. Besides there are many other harm full impurities that remain the same. So the you get from the water softener system is not pure in all respects. The other impurities like Fluoride, salt, sediment, chlorine and arsenic etc. remain the same. So, the only softened water is not recommended for drinking because it has several other impurities in it which needs to be cleaned.

On the other hand, Reverse Osmosis system is capable of removing all types of impurities. This sytempures the well water which carries a high level of impurities. It can clean water removing all fluoride, salt, chlorine and many other impurities. Reverse Osmosis system cleans water three times before pushing it to the required faucet. It makes water perfect to use using semipermeable membrane.

Furthermore, in terms of water quality Reverse Osmosis takes credit over the other.

Taste of Water

The taste of water also determines the type of system. Moreover, using water softener system it removes a great quantity of iron, magnesium and calcium from the hard water making it best to use. But apart from that there are several impurities in water that remain uncleaned. The taste of water also gets salty due to sodium ions in the water.

Whereas on the other hand, Reverse Osmosis purifies the water removing a great number of impurities from the water. It is a natural process to clean water. The water obtained through this system is clean to use with the better taste.


In terms of expensive, Reverse osmosis is expensive to install.  They have limits of daily capacity and they need pre and post treatment of water along with storage tanks and at times repressurization system. So it is a load on your pocket.

On the contrary, water softener systems also have capacity limits but they have options to ensure the quality service and hard water breakthroughs.

Area to Install the System

Water Softener system needs small place to install. In other words, you do not need to arrange a huge space to get the system installed. Rather if you have a small space you can avail installing the system.

On the other hand, whole house or commercial Reverse Osmosis is expensive to install. Moreover, they need a large space. Moreover, they need a great energy to work. Their energy consumption is high as compared them with the water softener system.


Water softener system needs regeneration almost every month. It needs regular pre filter changes and also the salts to carry on its work.

Whereas, Reverse Osmosis are easy to handle. They need occasionally changes in filters.

Is it better to Have Both the Systems: Reverse Osmosis & Water softener?

It is very much effective to have both the systems, Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener system keeping few factors in mind.

Saving Buildups

The Reverse Osmosis system will not handle water going to your appliances. It needs the water softener system to treat the water going to the appliances. So, in the absence of water softener system all of your domestic appliances will get spoiled. There will be a great build up in your plumbing system.

Save Your Money

The benefits of installing both these systems are huge. It seems that installing both systems will be expensive. But you cannot understand how effective is it to have both of these system. Having the facility of both of them you don’t it your loved one’s lives in danger. You provide them the water that is exceptionally pure and perfect from all points of view.

Extends The Lifespan

If you intend to install the reverse Osmosis system, then it becomes essential for you to install the water softener system. The benefit of installing water softener system is that it will enhance the efficiency of the filters of Reverse Osmosis. The water softener system removes certain impurities from water and then send it to the reverse osmosis. So, sending clean water free from minerals extend the efficiency and working life of filters of Reverse Osmosis.

Final Thought

The whole guide Reverse Osmosis vs water softener System makes the point clear that installing both of these units have multiple benefits. They both protect your loved one’s lives purifying the water, extending its efficiency.

Moreover, before installing any system you need to get your water tested as how much hard it? Then you need to decide the type of system that suits your water the best. However, installing both Water Softener System and Reverse Osmosis you will get multiple benefits the best of them is the health of your loved ones.

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