Iron Filter vs Water Softener: Do I Need Both?

Hard water is a common problem with the people living in hard water areas. The house owners of those areas have high desires to get rid of certain minerals in the drinking water. However, these minerals can cause various issues to the plumbing system and the drinking water, causing a salty taste. So, people use to set the problem by arranging various types of filters and softener systems. Out of the great variety available in the market, people find themselves in troubled water to select and what to leave. Our smart comparison between iron filter vs. water softener system will help you make the best decision as do you need both?

Iron Filter vs. Water Softener

Step by step guide to iron filter vs. water softener systems

Our below step-by-step guide will enable you to draw a quick comparison between both. As in which situation, what do you need? Do you need to install an iron filter or water softener is the best choice for you?

To solve the riddle, we need to see what is?

An Iron Filter

Everything is beneficial when it is in the required quantity, but it causes a problem for the human being when it exceeds its limits. Similarly, the required amount of Iron is particularly essential for the body because it makes blood circulation effective throughout the body.

 But when in water, the degree of Iron exceeds, it creates various problems for the users. It causes various household problems. It spoils the whole plumbing system and other domestic appliances mostly used for water like bathtubs etc.

Moreover, as it is obvious from the name “iron filter,” this filter is specifically installed to remove the unnecessary IronIron from the water. Therefore, at the entry point of the house, from where the water supply goes to the whole house iron filter is installed so that the water can become fruitful before damaging the whole pipes and other appliances.

Furthermore, cleaning the water is elementary because it will surely be a heavy load on your pocket to repair the pipelines and purchasing other appliances time and again. Because the excessive amount of Iron in water causes the orange to build up in the water and leaves clogging in the pipes.

What is Water Softener System?

The second solution to get rid of the problem is arranging the water softener system in your house to fix hard water. As it is obvious from the name, the water softener system is used to remove the minerals from the water and softens it for use. Using soft water improves your skin and hair leaving them in a healthy condition.

The main difference between the “iron filter” and “water softener system” is that both are used to soften the water

. Still, an iron filter specifically removes extra Iron from water, and

 the water softener system is not specifically for removing Iron. Instead, it removes various minerals from the water and makes it healthy to use. In other words, the main purpose of the iron filter is to remove the extra amount of Iron from the water, and the water softener system removes calcium and magnesium from the water, leaving it in a better state.

How Do Iron Filter and Water Softener System Work?

The working styles of both systems are different from one another, but both struggled for the same purpose as to clean the water.

How do iron filters work?

The iron filter consists of a single tank that contains a media bed. The media bed is an integral part of the system. The water comes into the media bed through the pipes, as the media bed is made of natural oxidizing particles. The mediaattracts the iron particles when these particles are exposed to oxygen.

So, the iron particles come into contact with media, where through the reaction, these particles get changed into insoluble particles.

Furthermore, as it gets finished, in its oxidized state, these particles are removable through an iron filter inside the tank. So, the purged water is almost totally free of iron particles.

How to extend the efficiency of iron filter

The best results can be attained when we try to improve the condition of the system. To get the best out of the unit, the essential element is regular backwashing or regeneration of the system. Through the regeneration process, the media bed gets cleaned, and all the remaining iron particles are removed.

 Mostly the regeneration process takes the whole night to refresh the bed back to its actual working state. Therefore, you need to regenerate the system when you don’t need it because the time taking process will not affect you.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

A salt-based water softener system can remove the Iron from the water and make it worth drinking. However, in this process, the hard water contains magnesium and many other unnecessary particles.

Moreover, the salt-based water softener systems consist of a brine tank and a resin tank. The resin chamber contains a special bed of resin beads that attracts the particles to the resin. During the process, an equal amount of salt and sodium is released from the media bed. In this process, hard water elements get changed with sodium, making the water soft to use.

Furthermore, the best part of the story is that this process can remove Iron and softens water for use. The thing that creates the difference is that they do not remove a high degree of Iron from the water.

How To Improve the Efficiency of the Unit?

The only way of improving the efficiency of the system is through the regeneration cycle. This is because the regeneration cycle improves the working capacity of the unit and presents the best results.

Iron Filter and Water Softener System both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Iron Filter System

Th below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the iron filter. The comparison of merits and demerits will help you to do your best.

Many in One

The most important benefit of an iron filter system is that it is many in one. It removes Iron in the water and purges water from other unnecessary elements like magnesium and sulfur. These elements make the water hard and destroy the pipelines and household appliances as well.

So, the iron filter system is the strongest shield that protects the users from using hard water. It removes not only additional Iron but other too sulfur and magnesium as well.

Not A Burden

The best about the iron filter system is that it is not a big load on your pocket. To avail of it, you don’t need to spend much of your hard-earned money.

Moreover, the iron filter is the strongest system. It does not need repairing early. You have the margin of years after once installing it. It is not the type of thing that needs replacing the components after 6 to 6-7 months. As soon as you install it once, you can spend much of your time without changing the components.

Furthermore, the iron filter system contains a media bed that can last for a minimum of 5-6 years. This is a sufficient period. The only cost that it requires is the expenses on regeneration. Besides, it is exceptional in all.

Chemical Free Operation

The iron filter system does not use any chemicals to remove the Iron from the water. Therefore, it does not need sodium, potassium, and other chemicals for the reaction.

To add this, it is beneficial that you don’t need to pay extra to purchase the sodium or others to make your water usage. So, if you wish to purge your water from the extra IronIron, in our view, there is no other best option than an iron filter.

Furthermore, the iron filter is the only one that can remove the extra Iron from the water. Therefore, you need to get your water to check the iron level. It does not matter that you are getting water from a private well or the water supply; to remove the extra Iron, you need to arrange the iron filter capable of tackling the problem.

Disadvantages of Iron Filter

There are some disadvantages of the iron filter system.

Not the Best One

The first most important disadvantage of the iron filter is that it only removes the Iron efficiently, except that other hard water issues remain. It does not remove the magnesium and sulfur from the water.

To add this, if you have an iron filter, then you need to install the water softener system to purge your water from the elements that make your water hard.

Valuable in Certain Conditions

An iron filter is valuable according to the specific condition of your water. For instance, the efficiency of most of the units depends upon the PH of the water.

However, mostly the iron filters provide the best results when water is more than 8.

Furthermore, before installing the iron filter, you must read the terms and conditions of a specific system to work within certain water conditions.

Advantages of Water Softener System

The below are the advantages of a water softener system:

Solution Of Multiple Problems

Installing a water softener system is the best option if you want to eliminate scaling, clogging, and other issues of the same type.

Moreover, installing a water softener system enhances the life of your home appliances and improves the hard water by softening it. It makes the water best to use for skin and hair, and this soft water brings good results for the users.

To add this, an ion exchange water softener can remove the Iron, magnesium, and sulfur from the water.

Wide Availability

Water softener systems are widely available in the market. The market is overwhelmed with a great variety of water softener systems. The user can select according to its choice.

Exceptional Items

The best part of the story is that some of the systems are specially designed to remove the hardness of water and the extra Iron from the water.

However, you aim to install the water softener system that can remove the Iron and the hardness of water; then, you must select one of these unique systems.

Disadvantages of Water softener system

Along with many advantages of water softener systems, there are many disadvantages of the water filter system.

Iron Level

Most of the water softener systems remain to fail to tackle the extra iron problem.  If the Iron in water is more than the quantity, installing an iron filter is the best option.

Heavy Load On your Pocket

Arranging the water softener system needs more expenses. They prove to be a heavy load on your pocket when they need replacement. More often, the spare parts need to be replaced. So, it proves to be a heavy load.

Moreover, after every three months, your softener system needs to be top-up for better results. Topping up sodium levels needs extra expenses on the part of the user.  If you don’t top up the brine tank with sodium, it will spoil your unit.

Furthermore, the regeneration of the unit also needs some expenses. If you don’t regenerate the brine tank, the efficiency of the unit will affect.

Removing the specific type of Iron

The water softener system removes the specific type of Iron only. This system does not remove the ferrous Iron.

So, in this case, the iron filter becomes the best choice. Because it only can deal with both (ferric and ferrous) types of Iron.

A Quick Comparison of Water Filter System and Iron Filter

After getting the advantages and disadvantages of both the water filter system and iron filter, it is essential to answer the question “Iron Filter vs Water Filter System” Do I Need Both?

To settle things in the right direction, you must get your water checked and get the exact idea about all the unnecessary elements, as what is the state of your water and what you need to do next?

Moreover, suppose you notice that the color of your water is orange, and it is spoiling the whole plumbing system and your household appliances. In that case, it is causing clogging in your pipeline and creating multiple other problems to your entire house system.

Besides, you may also have some other problems regarding iron-like (ferrous and ferric). Without having a true idea about these issues, you can’t judge what to do?

Furthermore, coming towards the iron level, if it is below 5ppm, then you must consider a water softener system because it can solve all of your problems related to hard water.

But in contrast, if the iron level is high, it is essential to arrange the iron filter to get better results.

Moreover, if Iron is the only problem with your water, you can consider arranging the iron filter to lessen the problem. So, in this case, arranging a water softener system seems the best option.

What is Best Iron Filter or Water Softener System

One solution to get rid of your problem is to purchase a combination of an iron filtration unit and a water softener together.

In addition to this, installing this combination is capable of purging the hard water and can remove Iron as well. So, you and your family can benefit from pure and soft water for your hair, skin, and other needs by installing the system.

Besides, an important question regarding the expenses comes to mind as will it be costly to install the whole system. You can get the end-to-end advantage as you install both, and pure soft water will be the return of your expenses.

Furthermore, when you get the soft water for your health, plumbing system and save other damages, it will return your expenses in another way.  You will get the improved taste of water free of magnesium and sulfur. Installing the combination will result in high efficiency. It will lessen all your problems like ferric and ferrous Iron and other hard water problems.

Moreover, the combination will improve the working timing of your plumbing system and other household appliances.

Final Thought

The short answer to the whole discussion “iron filter vs water softener system, Do I Need Both? Are you must install the combination of an iron filtration unit and a water softener together? Both these will remove all your issues related to hard water.

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