How to Set Water Softener Timer

How to set water softener timer essentially paves the way to get good result from your water softener system. As most of the systems are pre- programmed to regenerate at 2 am in the morning. They will know only it is 2 am when they will be programmed according to the current time. So, how to set water softener timer for regeneration?

How To Program the Water Softener for regeneration?

Regeneration i9s the crucial aspect of the water softener system. To soft the hard water through the ion exchange is termed as regeneration.  Your water softener system needs regeneration after some time. It is complicated and time taking process. But now a days the new systems come as preprogrammed. They have the preset time for regeneration. So, the system regenerates itself according to its preset I instructions. You remain tension free of regenerating the system. It can do itself when you are sleeping or even when you are not at home. The domestic water softener systems are designed differently. They are engineered on the ground that they have two different types of control valves.

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