How to Remove Iron from Well Water Naturally

To make the best use of well water, it is essential to make it Iron-free.  But how to remove Iron from well water naturally? The simple answer to this question is a water softener and iron filters are there to help you. But to get rid of Iron from well water naturally, it is essential to know the type of Iron. If you see the type exactly, then you can fix your problem. In this post, “how to remove iron from well water naturally,” we presented a detailed interpretation to assist you with how to remove Iron from well water naturally, taking a few steps.

How to Remove Iron from Well Water Naturally

Step by Step Guide of Removing Iron from Well Water

The below guideline will be a good addition to your valuable previous information. Following the guidelines, you can remove Iron from well water naturally.

Get Your Well Water Tested

To cure the problem, you must get your water tested to know the type of Iron. You can’t overcome the problem of Iron until you get your water tested. Performing the water test for the assumption of iron-type will show you the right path as to what to do next. The solution to removing Iron from well water mostly depends upon the factor of a firm understanding of the iron type.

Moreover, as you get your iron water well tested, you can exactly fix the issue. The Iron Test Strips probably enables you to have the exact idea about the parts per million of Iron present in your well water. As soon as you get the results, you will probably come to know about three types of Iron found in well water.

  • Ferric Iron
  • Ferrous Iron
  • Bacterial Iron

Ferric Iron

To add this, you can guess the Ferric Iron Type from the color of your water. To have an idea about the color, take a bucket of white color. Add water it more than half of the bucket. Keep water for 3-4 minutes inside. Now observe the color. If the color of your water is bright orange or light red type, then it is a clear omen that your water has a large quantity of Ferric Iron present in it.

Moreover, Ferric Iron is insoluble in water. The iron minerals are not completely dissolved in water. It is the simplest form of Iron, which needs to be removed from the water to clean it.

How Can I Remove Ferric Iron from Well Water Naturally?

Sediment Filters

Sediment Filters exceptionally prevent dirt, debris, and cloudiness from damaging your domestic appliances and plumbing system. It is a sub-micron-rated sediment filter and can remove the iron precipitate added to well water.

Furthermore, as the water flows through them, these filters stop solid minerals and particulate matter. Sediment filters do not let the impurities enter into a house’s plumbing system to spoil the costly appliances and other essential components.

Moreover, make sure your sediment filter has a small enough micron rating to capture the Iron. Natural cotton string wound sediment filters are another best option to remove impuritiesfrom the well water. Many homeowners prefer to use string wound sediment filters to purge their water from Iron.

In addition to this, it is the ideal choice for those who find a low level of Iron in Ferric form. However, a sediment filter is the best choice to remove impurities from Ferric Iron. In the case of ferrous Iron to keep your toilets and other stuff alone Sediment Filter can’t work.

Ferrous Iron

Ferrous Iron is the type of Iron that gets dissolved in water. it is usually found in deep well water where the water has less exposure to the water, and the Iron is not oxidized.

Moreover, you at home can easily experience the Ferrous Iron in water. Put a glass on a shelf full of well water. A glass of Ferrous Iron will crystal-like clear. Your t once or after few minutes can’t detect the ferrous Iron in the well water, as it at once does not expose itself. You can observe the water as the night passes; you will find the reddish-brown flakes at the bottom of the glass.

 Furthermore, once the water gets exposed to atmospheric conditions and oxidizes, it will get ferric and emerge as a precipitate. Though the water change is not visible immediately, ferrous Iron has the property to make stains on domestic appliances and affect the whole system. It also has a great impact on the taste of water.

Mostly, the well water contains ferrous Iron as the sunlight can’t reach over there.

How Can I Remove Ferrous Iron from My Well Water?

Water Softeners

Most people use water softeners to clean hard water for iron removal in the areas with hard water. The water with Iron creates many problems both on a commercial and domestic level for the people’s lives.

Moreover, to eliminate all problems related to hard water, like stains on the floor, rust clogging, and multiple other problems related to skin and hair, people utilize water softeners systems.

Ion exchange water softeners can remove Iron from the well water. Water softeners through ion exchange remove ferrous Iron from the water. These water softeners have resin beads when iron water flows through this softener system through the ion exchange process, where sodium ions are exchanged for positively charged mineral ions. After the process, all the impurities stick to these beads making the water free from Iron.

Besides, if there is any ferric iron present in the water, a sediment pre-filter will keep your water softener safe from getting clogged. In addition to this, the more accurate results from the softener system can be attained after having the exact knowledge about the water hardness level.

To add this, a water softener can reduce the Iron from the water, solve all your issues regarding laundry stains, maintain the life of all domestic appliances, and, above all, plumbing systems. To enjoy all these factors, you need to regenerate the water softener system to extend its working life and to make it work properly.

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Manganese Greensand

Oxidizing Filters are the other best suitable option for those who want to know how to remove Iron from well water naturally? Here ferrous Iron is converted to ferric iron ion, and then it is removed to purge water to use. The process is most effective and popular among those who intend to clean their water from Iron.

In addition to this, Manganese Greensand is a powerful oxidizer. It is capable of removing up to 15ppm of iron from well water. The method goes as when Iron and manganese make contact, they are oxidized out of a dissolved form and turned into a particular solid matter. The precipitate ferric iron is then removed from the water through the manganese greensand media and does not get added to the house water.

 Furthermore, for efficient results, this media needs to be cleaned and washed properly. The powder potassium permanganate is best for washing the media. Using the potassium permanganate enhances the working potential of the greensand media, collecting the Iron and regenerating the system.

Above all, as the most important point, keep in mind that, like all other powerful chemical agents, potassium permanganate can irritate your skin and eye. Hence, you need to take care of yourself, taking important precautions if you get irritation.


Another method used to dissolve Iron from well water is birm. Birm does not need any chemical to remove Iron from the water. It works with pH levels. Therefore, most of the systems utilizing birm will combine it with calcite.

Moreover, calcite is the process of elevating the water’s pH. This process makes the birm media remove the ferrous Iron from the water, effectively making the water best for use.


KDF Filters are so impressive due to efficiently removing the minerals. They are capable of reducing heavy metals from the water. They work efficiently when the water volume and flow rate are low.

Moreover, these filters work best when housed in a Big Blue filter housing, positioned at the water’s entry point of the house. Inline Iron Filter Cartridges mostly use KDF media to divert the ferrous Iron into ferric iron oxide, removing it from the water.

Bacterial Iron

Bacterial Iron is the trickiest form of Iron that resembles a tomato soup. It is found in your well water when there are bacteria. It is bright and sludge.

Moreover, the main reason for bacterial Iron in well water is the imperfect and improper well service. In this case, if you have your good pump serviced, without properly sanitizing the pump before getting it fixed with the well is the main cause of bacteria growing, and they will bond with the Iron.

Furthermore, bacterial Iron will stick to the inside of the pipes, clog your well pumps can leave stains in your laundry. Besides, it can cause a lot of damages to your domestic appliances.

To add this, bacterial Iron is destructive because it will ruin water softeners, sediment pre-filters, and water booster pumps. It will make you spend more and more on maintaining domestic appliances and repairing the whole plumbing system.

How Can I Remove Bacterial Iron from My Well Water Naturally?

Shock Chlorination

To purge your well water and make it free from bacterial Iron is a tiresome process. It needs labor, but it is the best method of getting rid of the iron problem from well water.

Moreover, shock chlorination is the intense chlorination of chlorine to a well. To get satisfactory results, you need to expose the whole well to chlorination. The whole well introduces the walls of the well, the depth pump, and the distribution system.

Shocking the well enables you to remain free from bacteria collecting the Iron. To add this, you can catch the extra Iron using a softener, oxidizer, or sediment filter. If the shocking chlorination does not remove bacterial Iron, you must install the constant chlorination system after your retention tank.

Is Iron Your Well Water Being Dangerous?

People of hard water areas need to cope with the situation whatever they have related to water. They need water to drink, to take a bath, to cook food, and many more. But whether the water with Iron is harmful to use? Does it cause unhealthy impacts on your health?

Moreover, Iron itself is a healthy diet to take. It is a balanced diet and creates red blood cells, and makes oxygen supply better to the whole body. But in water, iron is taken as a secondary contaminant by the EPA. It makes the water leave stains on the floor, destroy the domestic appliances and the plumbing system of the whole house, making the taste of water ill. Water is dangerous to take, but other consumption like watering the plants is the safest process.

If you are taking very high concentrations of Iron, there is the possibility of toxicity.

How does Iron Get in Well Water?

Iron probably is found in large quantities on earth. It gets mixed in your well water by seeping in the form of earth’s crust, Making up to 5% of earth’s crust; Iron is the most common element so that it can be found in earth’s water. It mixes itself in well water through heavy rainfall. Rainfall percolates through the soil will dissolve Iron.

Moreover, the snow melts and seeps through the earth into the groundwater supply. So is the main cause of Iron in the well water. Iron can also add to your well water due to corroded plumbing. Old iron pipes and fixtures will leave brown-colored flecks in your water, making it leave stains on the floor. The Iron becomes the cause of rust when exposed to oxygen and water; the Iron begins to oxidize and deteriorate. So, the renewal construction of your old well is a big plus to purge your clean water.

Furthermore, it does not matter how efficiently the house owner has made the well and how positive he was in his intentions making well, Iron’s presence in water is there as the natural resource.

To add this, to tackle each type of Iron, there are various types of iron filters.

Final Thought

The above guideline on removing iron from well water naturally is the proper description of getting rid of the iron problem in well water. After getting your well water tested, you can get to know the type of Iron. Getting the idea about the type of Iron you can easily overcome the problem.

So, to be free of dry skin and hair, poor taste of water, and stained appliances, it is essential to remove Iron from well water. Recommended Reading: Best Water Softeners

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