Best Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative

Hard water can spoil your expensive domestic appliances causing stains that are difficult to remove from faucets and fixtures. There is no other solution for the buildup in plumbing, appliances, and sewerage except to have the best electronic water softener/descalers. The best electronic water descalers can remove the hard elements from water while maintaining healthy calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. If you want to install the best electronic water descaler to get rid of stains from fixtures or faucets, we intended to help you make the best purchasing decision through this smart descaler reviews.

Best Electronic Water Descalers

Step by Step Guide to best electronic water descaler reviews

After the research of several hours, we intended to present the review of the best electronic water conditioners that provided the best results to the users. Below is the list of some worth mentioning water descalers.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Eddy Electronic Water Descaler
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YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler
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CPTDCL Electronic Water Descaler CPTDCL Electronic Water Descaler
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HQUA 5000E Electronic Descaler HQUA 5000E Electronic Descaler
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iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler
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SB-75 Scale Blaster SB-75 Scale Blaster
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Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System
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Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener – Best Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is perhaps the best unit in our list of best electronic water descalers. It is an exceptional unit that performs well. The company has designed the unit keeping in view the maximum durability. The organization offers a lifetime repair and replacement warranty. It means that the construction of the unit is ideal, and the purchaser feels satisfaction due to the warranty period while buying the unit.

Installing The Unit

This heavy-duty unit, Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener, is highly effective at metal and plastic pipes. It means for the maintenance of the unit; you don’t need to change the type of pipes of your house. You can easily install it does not matter your pipes are of plastic or metal. The only condition is that the diameter of pipes should be 1.5 inches. In other words, having eddy water descaler electronic water softener you can build your own electronic descaler.

Working of The System

The system works efficiently to cure your hard water problem. It does not need salt to purify your water. It is a salt-free water softener system.It reduces the limescale issues in your home; you enjoy the water without any buildup and limescale. This system is capable of tackling your hard water issue up to a hardness level of 20 GPG. So, it is a good choice for homes with hard water.

Installing the System

Furthermore, installing the unit is very easy. Installing the unit does not need any hard and fast rules on the side of the user. With pretty little knowledge, you can install it. This system is a salt-free water descaler and saves your expenses in this sense as well. You can save your money in the sense that you don’t need to change something in your plumbing system. Without any compromise on the system, the buyer can install it. The point that you must keep in your mind is this Eddy water is installed in the electronic outlet. So, make sure that you have one electronic outlet close to your water line to get it installed.

  • It is budget-friendly in the sense that it is salt-free.
  • It does not need maintenance.
  • It can be used for well water and city water.
  • The price can create an issue for some people.

YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler

YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler

Yarna is a big name for producing quality products that provide exceptional results regarding softening the water. YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler treats water with electronic impulses. This computerized controlled unit has a microchip that controls all the functions.

Technical Aspect

The system’s function technically makes this unit work as it has a microchip, and it transmits the signals through the coils. The coils are wrapped around the water supply pipes. As a result of the signals, the crystals of the water running through it. YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler works exceptionally well. After you install the unit, there will be no scale buildup to destroy your plumbing system.

Efficient Unit

The system is highly efficient and can destroy the blockages within the water pipes. The system can cure all your stains, blockages, buildup, and all other problems. Resultantly you will get rid of all problems saving your money. Additionally, the work timing of these units mainly depends upon the hardness level of your water. This system is best for harder areas and mostly takes three months for efficient results.


The system is suitable for small homes and small offices where the need for soft water is limited. A large house with a large capacity of water is not suitable with this system. Using this unit, you can enjoy 15.4 gallons of optimal water supply. The per-hour water supplying capacity is 3500. Beyond that, if you have a larger house, you may need to install a larger system to satisfy your need except for this one.


This salt-free water softener if it is according to the size of your house. To install the unit, you need an incoming water pipeline of 2 inches diameter with a length of 10 inches. The process of installing the unit is extremely simple, and you do not need any special tools to continue the job. After buying the unit, you will get maximum guidance and help regarding the unit. After this sufficient help, you can easily do your job and can manage the whole installation process.

Power Consumption

It is the power consumption that this unit needs. The unit needs 120 Volts to do work. Consuming 4 watts of energy means the unit is extremely budget-friendly.


Considering the weight of the unit, it is 2.2 pounds. It is exceptionally lightweight. Despite being lightweight, it is a durable unit and works for several years for you. Moreover, this durable unit has a warranty as well. It means if you are not satisfied with the unit’s performance, you have the option of a money-back guarantee. The warranty of the product also satisfies the user. The buyer purchases the item free from any tension because he thinks the company has offered the contract for the product, which means the product is effective.

  • It reduces the limescale and other unnecessary buildups.
  • Maintains the healthy elements in the water.
  • The unit is salt-free.
  • Easy to install, even the beginner can show its skill easily to install it.
  • Lightweight unit.
  • It can supply 15.4 gallons of water per minute.
  • The price is high, expensive units to buy.

CPTDCL Electronic Water Descaler

CPTDCL Electronic Water Descaler

CPTDCL Electronic Water Descaler takes the first position in our list because it is a DIY electronic water descaler. This unit has the immense working potential of softening the water, but it is a fact that installing this system is difficult.


This system performs well as compared to other systems. It is effective in lessening the buildup, limescale forming on pipes. It softens the water in the best way for your skin and hair without reducing the healthy elements from the water. Unlike other water softening solutions and descalers, it saves the healthy elements of the water and softens the hard water.


The unit is available at a reasonable price. Comparing the price with the system results, you will feel pleasure because you have purchased something of great value. Comparing with other water softener systems, this unit consumes less energy, which is not a heavy load on your pocket. It requires only 0.5 watts to work. It performs well at the loss of minimum power.

Moreover, using the unit, you save money because it does not need salt to soften the water. So, you don’t need to bother about the quality and level of salt. In other words, using this electronic water descaler, you can expect your pocket full of money to remain free from any expenses.


The unit has a light indicator that indicates you in case if there is any problem. This means that you can come to know easily if there is any problem regarding softening the water. Moreover, you are always welcome online if you want the solution to any problem. You are always free to sort out your issue using this cool baby.

Space Saving Device

To add this, the unit is small, just 3.2 ounces. It takes a small place to adjust. Moreover, it is easy to install. To install the unit, you don’t need to call a professional. Rather this simple system makes you do it yourself. The user, after understanding few steps from the manual, can install it without calling the plumber.

  • Budget-friendly unit.
  • Easy to install
  • It shows better results with tankless water, heaters, and another plumbing system.
  • It does not need salt to soften the water.
  • The system is not fit for water that has hardness above 12 GPG.

HQUA 5000E Electronic Descaler reviews

HQUA 5000E Electronic Descaler reviews

HQUA has gained name and fame in producing top-quality items.  The system is highly efficient in performing good results. It is effective in reducing your problems related to hard water. The whole system of the unit is somehow complex as compared to other units. It is the complex frequency-modulated electromagnetic system that softens your hard water and minimizes your hard water problems.

Working Of the System

The system has a complex electromagnetic system. The two cables that wrap around your water take the credit for softening your hard water. After that, it uses resonance to deform the structure of calcium and magnesium in the water. This system is best for water with a hardness of 25 GPG or less than this. It is highly efficient at curing all your problems caused by hard water.

Additionally, it removes the rust, buildup, and limescale from the water and makes it best to use at every step. It is the best system that will save your whole plumbing system and make it efficient to work for the years to come. Your household appliances will work great and will consume less energy after installing the system.


This system is budget-friendly as it consumes less energy. It is a highly efficient unit at consuming fewer wattages. It consumes only 4 watts of energy which is equal to nothing. So it is extremely budget-friendly and is not a big load on your pocket.


The system has the in-build indicators. It has three green lights that give you an idea about its work. You can have the idea that either the system is working smoothly through the lights. The second and third light shows that the unit efficiently does its work, and the first one is that of power supply. You get the indication through the lights about the condition of the system. If the lights are off, it means there is a problem with the unit, and you immediately need to improve it.

Moreover, regarding any fault, you can seek help through the online system. The online documentation will enable you to eradicate your problem exceptionally.

Efficient For

 The design and capacity of the system are well. The whole system has been designed to fulfill the needs of 6-7 people. Ideally, it is best for large homes and offices where the water supply is large. Additionally, the system is easy to maintain and install the unit. From an installation point of view, it is highly cost-effective because you need not call an expert to show your best. It means you don’t need to spend money on calling professionals even if you don’t have any specific skill; you can install the unit yourself.


The company offered the sturdy unit within this price range. The design and structure of the unit are durable. All the system is of good quality. Once after buying this unit, you don’t need to worry about the system’s frequent maintenance. The system is incredibly lightweight. This cool baby is exceptional at 1.98 pounds.

  • Has the inbuild three lights indicators to check the power supply and performance of the unit.
  • Easy to install the system.
  • It shows the best performance on curved pipes.
  • Best for installing if the pipes are made `1of plastic.
  • Removes all the buildup and limescale effectively from the pipes.
  • Once installed requires minimal maintenance.
  • Some buyers complain about the quality. They are of the view that the unit remains to fail to show quality results.

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler

iSpring has offered this unit as salt-free. While using the unit, you remain free from the tension of salt level maintenance and its quality. This quality product is the creation of iSpring, a well-known manufacturer in the US. The company has designed a highly efficient unit to reduce the limescale and another buildup in the water. This system has several features.

Performance of the Unit

The unit iSpring is best for tackling the highest level of hard water. Besides, it is exceptional for homes with 10-19 GPG hardness of the water. To add this, the system is a space-saving device. To install the system, you don’t need to have a lot of room. Rather within a small space and without any big change in the plumbing system, you can enjoy the benefits. It is the best system on the list and is highly recommended by our experts.

Installation Of the System

The ED200 has two antenna cables. Both cables are wrapped in a coil around your main water supply line. The electronic waves that are produced through these cables send electricity into the water. The water that runs through these pipes receives the effect of this electricity and release carbon oxide. This carbon dioxide causes the precipitation of calcium and bicarbonate. After the whole process, the water gets free from the hard elements and becomes pure to use for you. This whole process lessens the limescale and any other buildup in water, making it the best for use.

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • It lessens the hard elements of water purring it for your domestic use.
  • The system is salt-free.
  • The price can create a problem for a few customers. They may need some extra advantages within this price range. Besides, it is the perfect unit to use.

SB-75 Scale Blaster– Best Electronic Water Descaler

SB-75 Scale Blaster

This exceptional water descaler is best at performing exceptional results. Using SB-75 Scale Blaster, you will feel satisfaction and pleasure. The company ensures that the system is best to use due to its price. The purchasing graph of the unit is high in the market; people trust the product.

Performance Of the Unit

The performance of the unit is exceptionally well as this system ensures no limescale and another buildup. Installing the system means there is no rust and stains that spoil your system. Your appliances work effectively without any maintenance for the years to come. Your washing machines, water heaters coffee makers last long. So be satisfied because SB-75 Scale Blaster is there to serve you within a limited price range.

Space Saving

The best part of the story is that the system is compact. It is small and does not occupy large space. It does not occupy a large place in your home. You can fix it well even if the space is small and can enjoy the benefits. Except for space, it also saves money because it requires no salt to soften the water. It has no filters to replace frequently. In this sense, it is a budget-friendly unit as well.

Installing The System

Installing the unit is pretty easy. You can set it well, but you only need an outlet within 5 feet. After having the few guidelines, you can enjoy installing the unit and can enjoy the benefits. After installing the unit, you will find it your best friend against the unnecessary buildup and limescale.

  • The system is space-saving.
  • Installing the unit is easy.
  • It saves your plumbing system and reduces the limescale.
  • It needs no maintenance after installing the system.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Salt-free system.
  • It can be installed if the pipes are iron-made.

Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System

Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System

Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System is best for installation as softening the hard water. With zero maintenance, it is an exceptionalunit for reducing the limescale and another buildup. With its best design and technology, it is efficient at tackling your hard water issue.

Working Of the System

The system’s working is incredible as Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System uses the best water treatment technologies, capacitive impulse technology. Thus, it is best at deforming the calcium and magnesium in hard water. Thus, these elements that make the water hard lessen their power, and they are not strong enough to leave stains on the floor. The system is best to use for all types of pipes (plastic, iron). It shows the best results in all weather conditions.


Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System is a budget-friendly unit as it does not need salt to soften the water. You don’t need to bother about the level and quality of salt in the water to enjoy the soft and pure water. When the water is sodium-free, it becomes best for all humans. Moreover, no salt means a healthy environment.

Additionally, using the unit needs no expenses on the user side. Its installation and maintenance need no extra expenses. The design of the system is well that it works at the loss of minimum energy. You only have to pay fewer expenses, even annually. So, the system is highly budget-friendly.

Easy Installation

Installing the unit is easy. You, after understanding the few guidelines, can install the unit. For the job, you don’t need to call a professional expert. Rather online documentation is there to assist you. With a little skill even, the beginner can do the best. You will enjoy the benefits of the Calmat 1-6004-000USA Water Treatment System after installation.

  • It is budget-friendly.
  • Best for all humans as it is salt-free.
  • Saves the environment.
  • Needs no extra maintenance.
  • A little operational cost is required, which is almost equal to nothing.
  • It can be used for all kinds of pipes.
  • Sometimes the weather conditions can cause problems.

What is the Difference Between a Water Descaler and Water Softener?

The people living in hard water areas want to tackle a hard water problem spoiling their fixtures, faucets, and the whole plumbing system. To solve their problem, they install either the traditional water softener or the best electronic water descaler. Both purge the hard water making it best for domestic and professional use.

To add to this, the main difference between the two is how they deal with water. The water softener uses salt to purge the water changing the chemical position of the water. On the other hand, water descalers alter the molecular structure of the elements in the hard water like calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.

How Do Electronic Water Descalers Work?

The technology and process of working of electronic water descaler are very simple. The point worth shocking is that electronic water descalers, like all other water softener systems, don’t remove anything from the water. The traditional water softeners remove iron, calcium magnesium from the water, making it best to use. But, electronic water descaler does not work on these grounds. For this, they need salt to show their performance. Using these traditional water softeners, the user needs to pay close attention to the salt level and quality, which is essentially a big load not only on the pocket but also on the mind.

Electronic water descaler sets you free from this tension. Using an electronic water descaler, the system does not remove anything from the water. Rather, it changes the molecular structure of the elements in the water. The water can move freely, and due to changes in molecular structure, the elements do not stick with one another. The water has no power to spoil your faucets, fixtures, and plumbing system in this process. Electronic descaler needs electric power to work. Taking electricity, these electronic descalers build up a force that changes the water molecules. The electromagnetic wave created by the metal wrapped around the main water supply pipeline or cable bands stops in the hard water to deform the particles and eventually makes it clean to use.

To add this, with this alteration, the water keeps flowing through the pipes, faucets, and fixtures. It now runs in a form that is not harmful to your plumbing system and other appliance. The water becomes healthy for your hair, skin, and all other purposes.

What Are Different Types of Water Descalers

There are several types of electronic water descalers.

Electromagnetic Water Descalers

Electromagnetic Water Descalers is a plug-in device that the user can clip into their incoming water supply pipes. It is also called a magnetic water descaler. These kinds of descalers change the properties of water through magnetic powers. The minerals do not stick to the pipes due to changes in components. So, in this way, the limescale and build-up are prevented.

Capacitive Electronic Descaler

Capacitive Electronic Descaler is reckoned as the best descaler because of technology used in this unit. The main components are the two wires that are used to form the capacitor. This capacitor will store the energy and release it at the time of need. Capacitive Electronic Descaler is a little bit expensive than others but is result-oriented. You will shortly see the effects of installing it. You will get clear and clean water which is best to use.

DIY electronic Water Descaler

DIY electronic Water Descaler is easy to install. The process is easy. You need to find the main water supply pipeline that is usually under your staircase or your sink. Further, you must identify the area where to place the two-wire coils along the pipes. Wind the two coils around the main water pipe. Now attach the main part of the descaler to your wall with a strong Velcro and plug the two coils. Now your system is ready to work. You are ready to go.

Having a good idea about all these types, you can select the best one for you. All these electronic water descalers work on the same ground that they change the properties of the elements and don’t remove anything from the water.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Electronic Water Descaler

Advantages of the Electronic Water Descaler

Installing the best electronic water descaler is the only solution to pure your hard water. There are several advantages of having the whole house electronic water descaler. The type of water softeners and electronic water descaler is selected depending on the water hardness level. Installing the system saves you from all hard water issues like build-up, stains, and limescale.


Installing the best electronic water descaler is budget-friendly. To install the electronic water descaler, you don’t need to call a professional. In reality, the installation and maintenance are equal to nothing. In addition to this, the system’s running cost is almost $4- $5 a year, which is equal to zero almost. Electronic water descaler is budget-friendly because you don’t need to take salt to purge the water here. With a water softener, you need to maintain the level and quality of salt, which is a load on your pocket.

No More Worries

Installing the electronic water descaler, you forget about all worries because you can get the pure water without the tension of replacing and repairing the unit. Comparatively, the traditional water softeners need repairing and a lot of maintenance. The electronic water descaler provides clean water that reduces the limescale in your pipes, fixtures, and faucets.

Easy Installation

The electronic water descalers are easy to install. After buying the best electronic water descaler, the user does not need to call a professional plumber to continue the process. The user, even with a little skill, can install it. In this way you can save them money, installing the unit himself.

Healthy Environment

The electronic water descalers don’t need salt to soften the water. Instead, they work on electricity without using salt. So, having an electronic water descaler means no discharge of sodium in the groundwater and sewers. It maintains the health of groundwater in the best way.

Disadvantages of the Electronic Water Descaler

Nothing in this world is flawless. Everything has its certain disadvantages.


Electronic water descalers treat the water that runs through your pipes. The main problem with electronic water descaler is that it changes the structure of the elements inside the running water. It is not effective for stored water.

Soft Water

The electronic descaler does not soften the water because it removes the hard particles from your water. Instead of removing them, alters their structure. The hard elements remain the same in the water.

Maximum Water Level Hardness

Installing the system can present results only if your hardness of water is below 25 grains per gallon. If the hardness is beyond this limit, then electronic water descaler will not work.

Buying Guide for Electronic Water Descaler

Choosing the best electronic descaler can be difficult for you because the market has a variety of them. To help you, we presented some points that you need to put in mind to get the best one. Analyze these aspects carefully because the good and result-oriented system for others may not be effective for you. So our experts raised few points that you must consider before making a purchase.


Before buying the unit, you must see that whether it is within your budget range. Are you able to afford the price of the system? You must compare and contrast the running cost as well. A system that is easy to install and has less running cost will be best for you. So, get the system that has easy instructions to install.


Furthermore, you need to select the system that needs no maintenance. If there is no need to replace and repair the system, it will be easy to manage things. If there I the frequent need to check the unit, it will become difficult for you to cope with the situation.


Usually, the user gets satisfied with the product if he finds a warranty for the unit. Because the company gives the warranty for the item which is of high quality. The warranty gives the customers peace of mind. You know the company will provide you with a full refund if the system is not working properly.

According To the Need

The system must be according to your need. It must not be too large beyond your need or small that can’t fulfill your need. You must select the unit comparing the size with the place where to install it. The space-saving unit is best for you to use. It should be according to your need; otherwise, it will be a great problem for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Water Descaler

Do electronic water descalers work?

Yes, actually, they work in the sense that they change the structure of the hard elements in the water and don’t let the hard water spoil your fixture, faucet, and another plumbing system.

Which is the best water descaler?

There is a tremendous variety of electronic water descalers in the market. But our experts recommend you to install YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler due to its multiple features.

How does the electric water descaler work?

The working process of electric water descaler is pretty simple. They don’t remove anything from the water; rather, they change the properties of the elements inside the hard water, taking electricity.

Final Note

Selecting the best electronic water descaler is difficult, but you can select one following the buying guide points. Installing the electronic water descaler will help you remove the build-up caused by hard water. You will get rid of all the worries after having the unit. Having the system enables you to extend the life of your appliances and plumbing system. Our experts recommend you install YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler to eliminate all the worries due to its several features.

So, don’t get late install the system buying through our Amazon links. Stay blessed and be happy!

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